Water Infrastructure Digital Twin Solutions

Utilities are facing increasing challenges in operating, maintaining, and renewing their wet infrastructure because the water industry is capital and energy intensive.

Cognitive Digital Twins


A digital twin removes the silos, inefficiencies, uncertainties, errors, and vast resources inherent in working with traditional digital models.

It helps you collaborate more efficiently and more effectively with teams and stakeholders and, ultimately, make better, more informed decisions that lead to improved performance and healthy assets.

Learn how our unique Cognitive Digital Twin solution helps you boost revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction while providing uninterrupted quality services and keep your communities safe. 

Water Infrastructure Digital Twin

Digital Twin Integration

As a digital twin integrator, Digital Water Works brings together cloud computing, AI, IoT sensors, engineering simulation, GIS, enterprise asset management, and advanced analytics to create a digital twin of your assets with your data and systems. Your digital twin will enable you to extract value—through a connected data environment—to deliver real-time information to help optimize the efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency of your operations.


Implement Quickly

Using geospatial technology and proven, commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), our digital twin solutions are engineered for speed, reliability, and efficiency. Requiring minimal configuration, they won’t disrupt daily operations. Available in standalone, cloud, or hybrid versions. 

Digital Twin Technology

Uniquely configured for your organization, Digital Water Works merges the physical and digital worlds of Information Technology (e.g. GIS, BIM, and EAM) with Operational Technology (e.g. telemetry, SCADA, sensors, and actuators) and Engineering Technology (e.g. network modeling).

The result is a digital twin or a live digital representation of your physical assets. The in-the-moment replica of pipes, treatment plants, pumps, storage facilities, valves, and other critical components that deliver safe drinking water and remove and treat wastewater, helps you understand what is happening with your assets in real-time. It lets you learn from the past to optimize the present and stay ahead of the future.

Advancing Digitalization with Live Visualization and Data Intelligence

Our cognitive digital twin optimizes water infrastructure management through expanded and automated monitoring, real-time intelligence, and analytical and predictive modeling. For the first time, water utility staff can go to one place to get all the operations, maintenance, engineering, planning, finance and process data they need to do their work, find better ways to minimize costs and generate new sources of revenue, and better operate and sustain their water infrastructures.

Working through server-based technology, our cognitive water infrastructure digital twin is essentially the concatenation of three seamlessly linked components, each with a specific role and functionality.

Live Water Infrastructure Simulator

Real-time water infrastructure simulation for realizing the enormous business value of the digital twin.

Operational Intelligence and Analytics

Proactively manage real-time water infrastructure data to optimize operational, financial and business continuity resilience.

Asset Risk-Cost-Performance Optimization

Optimize water infrastructure asset management decisions in all life cycle stages.

Powering Digitalization with Cognitive Analytics

All areas of water utility operations benefit from our cognitive digital twin predictive analytics and contextual data. Operators and maintenance staff are able to effectively coordinate main replacement projects to minimize downtime and disturbance to roadways. Plus they can maintain adequate service levels by comparing those projects with nearby pavement repair and other construction projects to assess their impact on pressure, fire flow capacity and water quality. Routine field operations such as pump- and well-specific capacity tests are replaced with a monitoring dashboard. Important business data such as the cost of purchasing or processing water, volume of water pumped from wells and plants, and water losses are continuously monitored and instantly accessible.

Preparing for seasonal and climate-driven changes in water usage and water distribution system behavior or life changing-events (e.g., COVID-19) that can cause unexpected operational changes is quickly addressed. Predicting when a pipe will need repair or likely fail and whether to replace or upsize it, as well as determining minimum night flow, leakage rate and diurnal pattern for each pressure zone, tank turnover time and mixing ratio, actual operating pump characteristics curve and best efficiency point (BEP), specific capacity of water wells, are among the many calculations that become instantly available and fully automated. The applications are virtually limitless. These benefits are driven by our cognitive digital twin management of data and business analytics. The result is right-time autonomous insight and actionable knowledge that empower water utilities to optimize operations, transform their businesses and keep their water infrastructures operating well into the future at the lowest lifecycle cost.

You now have the power to transform operations and maintenance with actionable insights that drive improved business decisions and operational excellence. With complete cross-departmental collaboration and guidance, your staff can share detailed contextual data in real time, integrate and coordinate activities, and prepare for and prevent potential issues. This arms them with the mission-critical capability to balance and optimize tradeoffs between factors over which they previously had minimal oversight or control. It also allows them to safely and economically “experiment with the future” by exploring and evaluating “what-if” scenarios against business objectives.