Operational Intelligence and Analytics

Proactively manage real-time water infrastructure data to optimize operational, financial and business continuity resilience.

Gives you remote operational visibility (what is happening across the water infrastructure) 24/7/365 and enables computation of present, historic, and forecasted performance for every asset within your system ― providing situational awareness before, during and after a fire, pipe break, pump outage, or other time-critical event. A comprehensive Central Event Management, it allows engineers and operators to proactively manage events in real-time with smart response strategies that minimize ensuing effects for customers. It lets you identify and analyze trends and variations from operating norm compared with historical operating data, and calculate and monitor key performance indicators, asset condition and infrastructure performance. It also lets you instantly audit your water supplies, locate water loss locations, quantify and value losses, and devise cost-effective control programs to reduce non-revenue water (including unbilled and underbilled accounts). Additionally, it improves pressure management in supply zones to reduce leaks and breaks and maintain more stable pressures, causing less strain on the pipe network and fatigue damage at joints.

This novel combination of visualization and analytics enables you to identify cost-effective solutions and solve problems earlier. For example, finance managers can instantly see whether fixing meters or billing errors could result in a new revenue source, and whether the cost savings could be significantly greater than fixing or replacing deteriorating pipes. They can also instantly assess the effect of customer behavior (residential and non-residential water demand level and pattern) changes on actual water production and compare against budgeted revenue.

Advancing Digitalization with Live Visualization and Data Intelligence

Live Water Infrastructure Simulator

Real-time water infrastructure simulation for realizing the enormous business value of the digital twin.

Asset Risk-Cost-Performance Optimization

Optimize water infrastructure asset management decisions in all life cycle stages.