Live Water Infrastructure Simulator

Real-time water infrastructure simulation for realizing the enormous business value of the digital twin

Lets you reliably explore, investigate and compare multiple “what if” operational scenarios without putting the water infrastructure, personnel, public health, or the environment at risk. This applies to developing new operational strategies and reviewing and optimizing existing management activities.

Arms you with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, while dynamically recalibrating an accurate replica of your water infrastructure ― a necessary condition for making reliable predictions, testing and validating prescriptive actions. It continuously updates current operating conditions (e.g. demand, tank level, pump and valve status and settings), fills performance visualization gaps (e.g. flow, velocity, pressure, headloss and water quality) for all unmonitored and unmanned locations without the need for additional equipment, and forecasts what might happen tomorrow and in the future and what actions (and trade-offs) should be taken to affect those outcomes — making you well prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Advancing Digitalization with Live Visualization and Data Intelligence

Operational Intelligence and Analytics

Proactively manage real-time water infrastructure data to optimize operational, financial and business continuity resilience.

Asset Risk-Cost-Performance Optimization

Optimize water infrastructure asset management decisions in all life cycle stages.