Asset Risk-Cost-Performance Optimization

Optimize water infrastructure asset management decisions in all life cycle stages.

Eliminate guesswork and replace “run-to-failure” maintenance with proactive “fix- before-break” maintenance, using time-to-failure predictive algorithms that alert you when an asset will need to be repaired or retired. You can now capture expert knowledge, quantify risks and deterioration patterns and instantly calculate the impact of different strategies to find the optimum approach. You can also automatically identify and quantify why and when maintenance or inspections are needed, prioritize assets at highest risk considering both likelihood and consequence of failure, determine the most risk-cost-performance-effective option for avoiding or correcting the problem and eliminating waste, allocate capital expenditures to yield the greatest return on investment, and present your optimal strategy to stakeholders in a clear and justifiable business case.

These powers help you to ensure that your water infrastructure assets are safe, reliable, and efficient over their operating lives, improve infrastructure resiliency and safeguard your communities.

Advancing Digitalization with Live Visualization and Data Intelligence

Live Water Infrastructure Simulator

Real-time water infrastructure simulation for realizing the enormous business value of the digital twin.

Operational Intelligence and Analytics

Proactively manage real-time water infrastructure data to optimize operational, financial and business continuity resilience.