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Digital Water Works and Bentley Systems invite you to explore new and emerging digital twin technology for water infrastructure, a customized experience for you and your organization.

Shape the future of water infrastructure

Digital twins provide utilities a whole new approach for improving operations and reducing costs because they are uniquely tailored for each utility.  With a digital twin, you can easily tackle the challenges of data overload and system complexity to get real-time decision support. By merging the physical and digital worlds of information (IT), engineering (ET), and operational technologies (OT), you can improve the efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency of your water infrastructure. You will be better enabled to monitor, predict, and react to disruptions or emergencies, improve service levels, and lower life cycle cost of your water infrastructure.  

Why join?

Our Early Access Program allows you to:

  • Understand the potential impact and benefits of a digital twin for your workflows
  • Test drive Bentley’s new digital twin technology, prior to commercial release
  • Work with and provide feedback directly to the product development team
  • Be the first to access once released, with discounted pricing

How does the Early Access Program work?

You receive full access to Bentley’s digital twin technology, for hands-on use in a test environment. You also have the option to bring your data. We will provide the training and support needed for configuration, implementation, and ongoing use.

  • Provide feedback on user workflows
  • Share real-world pain points and workflows
  • Help prioritize the development of features and functionality
  • Enjoy Early Access Program discounted pricing







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