Cognitive Water Infrastructure 
Digital Twin

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You have unprecedented challenges. You need the power of a cognitive Digital Twin.

You have the data and talent to make the right decisions. Now you need one intelligent, cohesive platform that seamlessly combines all your siloed engineering, information and operational data and models it in real time – with learning and predictive capabilities – then turns it into focused, actionable insights.

We will help your team quickly deploy a comprehensive cognitive digital twin everyone in your enterprise can draw on to proactively handle problems and make decisions that optimize operational and financial resilience, generate new revenue, and choose the best infrastructure upgrade investments.

What is a cognitive Digital Twin?

A cognitive Digital Twin (CDT) is the single intelligent platform that seamlessly combines engineering, information, and operational data and models with learning and predictive capabilities. It gives you the power to optimize your business operations and keep your water infrastructure operating well into the future at the lowest lifecycle cost.  

Learn more about cognitive Digital Twins and how to drive improved business decisions and operational excellence by downloading our white paper.  

Anatomy of a cognitive Digital Twin

Water infrastructure simulator

Monitors water infrastructure performance in real time.

Operational intelligence model

Optimizes overall operational performance and drives savings.

Asset risk-cost-effectiveness model

Brings intelligence to water infrastructure maintenance and management.

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