Make Digital Water Data Valuable

Transform your data landscape into real-time, actionable business value.

Water Infrastructure Digital Twin

Our cognitive digital twin lets you realize operational and financial resilience, sharpen business continuity.

Use a Digital Twin to See and Shape the Future

360-degree high-resolution view enables modeling, analysis, simulation, diagnostics, prediction, and actionable insights in real time.

Be Part of the Digital Future and Reap the Benefits

Get a live demo and see first-hand the unprecedented power of our water infrastructure digital twin.

Never stop delivering: your digital path to business resilience

The world of water infrastructure management (WIM) has dramatically changed from on-premise reactive, static-WIM 1.0 to today’s modern, cloud-based cognitive Digital Twin 4.0. 


Now you can realize the full potential of the many systems and data streams you’ve invested in over the years and build business resilience while dramatically simplifying day-to-day operations.


We work closely with your team to build a comprehensive cognitive digital twin of your water infrastructure assets and transform your data landscape into real-time, actionable business value. The result is operational, financial and business continuity resilience.


Always come through for your stakeholders with our cognitive water infrastructure digital twin innovation.

Live Water Infrastructure Performance with Digital Twin

Mine water infrastructure data and optimize business continuity resilience in a unified live-intelligence platform.

Monitor & respond

Robust early warning system. React to disruptions and emergencies faster.  More prevention. Less reaction. 

Understand & manage

Gain complete visibility of your entire water system. Assess and solve problems in real-time. Eliminate blind spots.

Share & collaborate

Real-time decision making and buy-in across all departments.


Predict & anticipate

Forecast and evaluate short- and long-term performance and improve operational and financial resiliency.


Gain Operational and Financial Resilience

See first-hand how you can optimize operational and financial resilience, generate new revenue, and choose the best infrastructure upgrade investments.

Harness the Power of a Live Water Infrastructure Digital Twin

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how your organization can leverage a live digital twin to minimize non-revenue water, optimize operational efficiency, identify and address vulnerabilities. 



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Optimize operational and financial resilience, boost revenue and customer satisfaction

Discover the power of our cognitive water infrastructure digital twin and reap the benefits. It is the pathway to optimized planning, operations and performance and sustainable infrastructure outcomes.

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Optimize Water Infrastructure Management

Join Digital Water Works and Bentley Systems to discover how utilities are leveraging digital twins to optimize operations and maintenance in a continued education podcast series hosted by Informed Infrastructure.  



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